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GRUMERETZ ELLEN SUE Beloved wife of Paul Grumeretz. Dear mother of Scott Grumeretz and Maya Grumeretz. Devoted sister of Michelle Poverelli, Amy (Brian) Kaczmarek, Lisa (Jeff) Gerson and the late Bruce Nicoll. Also survived by many loving nieces, nephews, other family members and friends. SERVICES WEDNESDAY, 2:00PM AT THE DORFMAN CHAPEL, FARMINGTON HILLS, (248) 406-6000 or visit

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Laura Zdravkovski11/22/2011

My mentor, sister, friend, mother, hero Ellen, I am heartbroken. I can't believe this to be true. I love you more than you will ever know! I will live my daily life through the guidance and wisdom you provided for me. Your family was the luckiest family in the world to have you. Forever grateful for you! All my love, Laura & Milanija

Hannah Allen-Miller11/22/2011

The world lost much with the passing of Ellen. I wish we had more time, but what is time but now? I know that those of us who were her students and her clients will carry pieces of her wisdom and spirit into the future. I wanted to say thank you to her family for sharing her with us all of these years. You will be in my heart.

Kathryn Kay11/22/2011

My daughter was a patient of Dr. Ellen. Heather thought the world of her, and is living her life with increased joy and determination based on what Ellen taught her. She will so be missed by all she has touched. Thanks to her husband and children for sharing her with so many.

Brynn Jones11/23/2011

I was a patient of Ellen's. She made such a huge impact on me, helping me through a lot of issues. She was a truly gifted woman who was able to make you see things in a different way, and become a stronger, better person. I will always cherish her wisdom and kindness. She was a very lovely person. I will miss her. My heart goes out to her family.

Steve Davis11/23/2011

So many great memories of my growing up include my sister Ellen, and our blended family. I only wish more of my adult memories included her. She was a special person, and will be missed by all her knew her.

Dina Berdy11/23/2011

To Ellen's family, 10 years ago I lost my mother and since then , had been in search of the kind of wisdom and compassion that Ellen brought to her work. When I met Ellen it was obvious immediately to me that she embodied these qualities. I am also a clinician, and felt, still feel, so lucky to have been mentored, guided and cared for by this authentic soul. I am heartbroken for your loss, and will be thinking of Ellen and your family during this painful time.

Lynne Johnson-Benaglio11/24/2011

God you will be missed!!! You have made a huge impact on my, and my families' lives!!! Paul, Scott and Maya thank you for sharing her!! All my Love! Lynne

Deb Borrie11/24/2011

Dr. Ellen helped me learn to forgive myself and love myself. I will miss her termenesley. Dr. Ellen was the light of my days and the warmth of my nights. When I was scared, she was always there. The last text Ellen sent;" I am sick and wil do all i can to recover. Promise me you will take care of yourself." Dr. Ellen is in my heart and her lesson was to live life and I will. Forever greatful for her love. Through her love I am learning to love myself. I wil continue my relationship with Dr. Ellen in my prayers.........for she is an angle who now resides with God.

Deb Borrie11/25/2011

I had been seeing Ellen since 2/2008. I had thought my life was over, Ellen taught me it was not to late. Ellen walked me through my anger, resentment, worthlessness, shame, anguish, and hopelessness. She honored my emotions and taught me how to feel. It is through her loving direction, empathy and love that I am alive today. I want to also thank her family, Paul her loving husband, and two for allowing adoring children Scott and Maya, for allowing Dr. Ellen to touch my heart and change my life.

Kathy Milia11/30/2011

The world has lost an angel named Ellen. I met Ellen 6 years ago as a patient. She was my gift from GOD as she saved me from the depths of my inner self. Ellen taught me to love balance my enjoy and love me! I am and will continue to think of Ellen as my guardian angel for the rest of my life. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

Jennifer Andrews11/30/2011

I just found out about the passing of Ellen. I have been a patient of hers for over a year now. She helped me learn to love myself, to deal with my anger and frustrations, to meditate, and so much more. She was a brilliant and companionate woman. When I got to the point of not necessarily needing therapy anymore, I still wanted to see her because I felt enlightened just by being around her. Ellen, thank you for everything, you will be greatly missed, and I love you. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

Ann Marie Tourtellotte12/02/2011

Thank you Ellen' "I will ring the bell" and it is because of you that I have the courage to do so. You have taught me to me persistent to reach my goals, that I am happiest when my life is structured, to believe in myself and to know I am a healthy person. I am sad that you are not here with us, and I am grateful that I am happy person most of the time due to your loving, patient, insightful ways. I am blessed to have known you and I will bless others with your wisdom as I live my life. Your life will live on because of the live you have touched in therapy, friends and in your family. I am shocked that you are gone and I will never see your loving face again. To Ellen's family I am so very sorry for your lose. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers every time I think of Ellen.

Pamela Bullock12/07/2011

I am hearbroken..I have been a patient of Ellen since 2008 when my father passed. She helped me to deal with his death.I last seen her in september this year to help me deal with my mother death. I know she is in heaven with my mom. Ellen was the sweetes person I have ever meant.God has an angel.

Deborah Borrie02/06/2012

Dr. Ellen is still very much alive in my heart. I took the privilege of naming a star in her honor. I still pray for her husband and two children.

Kelly Mahla02/25/2012

Thinking about you always, Ellen. Miss you soooo much. Thinking about your family & friends & how much they must be hurting like me. thanks for being Ellen.

Deb Borrie10/05/2012

I drive by Haynes where your office has been most everyday. Yesterday with the sun kissing my face and the fall leaves were illuminating . I felt a warmth through out my body and a smile burst on my face. I remembered how you loved the fall colors and looked forward to the holidays that are near. How you enjoyed spending time with your family and friends, yet if needed by one of your clients you would return a call or text to reach out to them. Well Ellen you have still be reaching out to me...I have your warmth, wisdom, and compassion you gave me still in my heart, soul and mind. Sure I miss seeing you...yet I know your still with me and hear my conversations with you. I believe your at may have left this earth...but your spirt lives on with many. Love you today, yesterday and all tomarrows :-)Deb

Kelly Mahla11/07/2012

Thinking about you. I miss you and I miss hat deep connection I have with you.

Andrea McLaughlin11/21/2012

To "Dr. G": I have thought of you every day since I heard of your passing last year. You helped me through so much, and I still miss you and remember you like I just saw you yesterday at my last appointment. I am so grateful to have known you. May you rest in peace always, and to your family, I wish you much love and peace. Really, I can't thank you enough for everything. There are no words.

Stacey K03/13/2017

I just found out about Ellen's passing. I had to make sure it was true. Today I went up to her office and asked if I could go in just to make sure she really wasn't there. I loved everything about you and missed you now I find out I will forever miss you. I was your client for six years, I've been till the day you told me that you had breast cancer. After watching my dad pass of lung cancer at the age of 11 I couldn't handle watching you someone I cared about so much having to suffer. So I never came back to your office for another appointment. I'm sorry I wasn't strong enough. You are missed

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