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BARRINGTON PAUL STEVEN Born July 31, 1958 Age 54. Paul, who was surrounded by his family, and after a long and courageous battle against brain cancer died on Monday, March 11, 2013. He leaves behind his beloved wife Denise. A proud, devoted, and loving father to Matthew (Becky), Joshua (Justin), Sean (Rose), Jacob (Allison) and Adam. Loving brother of Donna Graf Abramhams and the late (Gary), John (Marion), Peter( his twin), Kelly Cezik (the late Wally), the late Julie Martuza, Christine Warren (Dan), Brenda Warren (Bob), Heather Hames (Tim), Alison Murray (Sarah James). Loving and proud grandfather of Carson Bradley and the soon to be born Sebastian Paul. The loving son of Marjorie Grinols Murray (Paul) and the late Arthur Barrington, Loving son of Robert Martin (Carole). Devoted and loving uncle to Candice, Ashley (Mike), Hilary (Matt), Lindsey (Tyler) and many other nieces and nephews. Paul also leaves behind many close friends. Paul was born on July 31 1958 at 11:49 p.m. His twin Peter was born nine minutes later. As recalled by their mother, Marjorie, she wondered if they would be born on different days and different months. This was the beginning of an amazing and remarkable life. He was a natural athlete, excelling at baseball, football, and golf and he possessed great power in all three sports. He won many bets as a young man doing more than 100 pushups in one minute. On top of his physical prowess, his intellect had few equals. He was competitive by nature but he played by the rules. Paul had seven sisters and he protected them all. The first time Paul met Denise Guillaume was in 1975. They both went to Osborn high school in Detroit. They started dating in July of 1978. Paul became an auto mechanic and graduated at the top of his class at MCI in December 1981. Paul and Denise were married on September 25, 1982 and went on to have five handsome boys that have grown into outstanding men. Each son being gifted with a part of Paul that will last. In 1984 Paul was saved at Van Dyke Baptist church on Mother's day. This created a desire in Paul to become even more involved and make an impact for Christ. Paul was appointed the Royal Ranger E.S. Commander for the State of Michigan which he served for twenty years. All of his five sons grew up and advanced in Royal Rangers during this time. When Paul started working for Rinke Chevrolet, he was already an accomplished technician. Over the next twenty five years, he became one of the top five GM master technicians in the country. One of the things Paul missed the most during his struggle was all of his friends and co-workers at Rinke Chevrolet. He truly enjoyed work and helping people. He was a counselor and friend to all. He believed that people are more important than things. His favorite bible passage (Matthew 7:12) was also his life motto and creed. "Treat others the way you want to be treated." One day his boys wanted to stop at the park on the way home from church. Paul noticed a wallet on the ground, filled with credit cards, money, and a company I.D. from the GM Tech Center. The next day he brought it to work and called the man. More than a few people said " you're crazy...keep the money". That afternoon he came into Rinke and asked for Paul. They spoke for a few minutes about honesty and the man opened his wallet and gave him all the money inside. Paul used to quote that "integrity is when you do the right thing when no one is looking". Another time Paul was injured and tore his ACL and MCL. When Paul arrived at the hospital the doctor told him that he would never walk the same again. He put on a full leg cast up to his hip. The next Sunday at church Paul heard the message that Jesus was here to heal him. He raised his hands and closed his eyes and reached out and felt a tingling in his hand. It went down his body and circled his knee and then exited thru his foot. Paul explained it by saying" it was like the sound when you get transported on Star Trek". At the next scheduled visit with the doctor Paul told him that Jesus had healed him. The doctor was angry that Paul had "destroyed" the cast. He cut off the old one and pulled, pushed and moved his knee. The doctor could not believe it. He sent Paul home with an ace bandage on. It was these types of experiences that increased Paul's faith. Something he was going to desperately need later on in his life. When Paul was first diagnosed with a brain tumor in Feb. 2007, he had been experiencing painful headaches for over a year. After receiving steroid treatments the swelling went down and Paul returned to work. His doctor scheduled to have Gamma knife radiation to treat the tumor. Almost one year later Paul was rushed to the hospital because his brain was bleeding. During the surgery he had a stroke and went into a coma. When he woke up he couldn't move his left arm or leg. Also he lost the sight in his right eye and the hearing in his right ear. In spite of these setbacks, Paul was determined to walk again. He had therapy eight hours a day for 12 weeks. Once Paul returned home in May 2008, he continued with outpatient therapy and recovered enough to be able to celebrate his 50/50 birthday party with his family. He was able to walk and soon was driving again. This was enough for anyone to overcome to last a lifetime, but more trouble lay ahead. In January 2009 the tumor had grown back and he again needed a resection (brain surgery) to remove part of the tumor. Another stroke, another long road to recovery only this time he had even more deficit. Once Paul was able to talk he said that" God wasn't going to cheat him out of ALL the days he had coming". Paul had so many ups and down with his health yet he somehow maintained the right perspective. Cancer was not going to define who he was. Paul exercised until the last day of his life when he was so weak he could barely squeeze your hand. A close friend wrote on his hospital room wall "Paul is a great force to be reckoned with" and that is true. But he would want you to know that his strength came from the Lord. He did what seemed to be humanly impossible...but with God all things are possible. Paul's great faith is what guided him and sustained him. When he couldn't eat or drink he could still remember that God would supply all his needs. When Paul came home he wanted to sleep in his own bed. This seems like a reasonable request but it required three people to help and all of Paul's strength to go up the stairs one at a time. Yet he did what he wanted even though it was the hard way. Paul once said "why me is a question that can be asked" and "why not is an answer that can be given". Paul focused on what he could do. Observe, listen. He could see more with one eye than most could with two. He had an ear that could hear! Paul would say "you need to transform the hand you're dealt into an opportunity". In February 2010 Paul started stereotactic and proton radiation treatments. The doctors made a mask that fit on his face with a grid over it. When Paul returned home, he said he could smell burning for several days. He had many different treatments trying to eradicate the tumor and each time it would come back. I'm not saying he wasn't discouraged but he never complained. Paul didn't want a pat on the back...he just didn't want to be kicked while he was down. Paul accepted so much, put up with so much, and provided so much. In February 2012 Paul visited the doctor and was told that he had a very short time left to live. Paul asked the doctor how it would happen when he died. It will be peaceful; you will fall asleep and not wake up. His wife found another hospital that would do a different type of radiation. It required 39 visits downtown in a wheelchair transport. This was very grueling and physically exhausting to have that much radiation. Ultimately, those treatments weakened Paul's body but not his spirit. The last year of his life was the hardest but he maintained his dignity which is remarkable. So many times he got up off the mat to fight again. We thought he was invincible and really a part of him always will be. He proved that sometimes when you lose you win! Many thanks to all who provided Paul with help, donations, prayers, visits at the hospital. None of these acts of kindness went unnoticed by Paul. He believed that if you receive kindness then you should also share it and give it in return. There is not one person that Paul has come into contact with in these last six years that hasn't been uplifted, blessed, or moved to be a better person. He had a calming effect, and a simple plan. His sense of humor remained intact, and his love still remains. Paul told me once that he had nothing left to prove. His proof was walking the earth. Their names are Matthew, Joshua, Sean, Jacob and Adam. Your father would say... "Don't just survive. Live!" To my brother who I love so much...we will be together again one day.

From The Detroit News and Detroit Free Press

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Rosemary Walton03/17/2013

Hello to Paul's family; I don't know any of you and didn't know Paul, however, I read his death notice and it touched me deeply. I am a Christian and I want you to know how inspired I am to be more positive and make a difference. Thank you to whomever wrote this wonderful inspiring tribute. May God reach down and wrap his arms around all of you and give you peace, and much joy in your memories of such a wonderful man. Rosemary

Kelly Gendernelle03/17/2013

Never a fear or frustration spoken Forever you will be missed and each of our hearts has a token Your undying love and ability to see Right through a person to help them believe God called you home and although we grieve We know he needed you and it was your time to leave You will never be lost and so many you have touched Each has a memory of your tremendous love Your reach may not be felt but can always be remembered You can still touch our lives as an honored defender. Thank you Paul for always fighting for me, helping and guiding me. I can only pray that I fulfill my duty here as you have. There are so many things I can say, but you know them. I will miss you but know that I can reach you with a prayer.

Amber Williams03/17/2013

My husband Lewis, knew Paul from church. He remembers him as being a fun, caring, and really funny guy...My son is now in Royal Rangers and he was having trouble remember the Rangers pledge..He would go son, my old leader told us this way and it stuck him my husband all these years...His old leader was Paul and Peter Barrington. Even though my husband had not seen Paul for many years, there are some things that he had learned from Paul that he never forgotten...

Marjorie Murray03/17/2013

Pete, what a wonderful tribute to your brother. I didn't even realize some of the things that Paul had been through. To me, he is not gone - YOU are here. Love, Mom

Christine Warren03/17/2013

I am thankful for Paul as much as I am thankful for any of my brothers and sisters. I have a few memories that I would like to share. On Christmas Day in 1987 our house was robbed while we were with having dinner at Laura and Rene' Guillaume's house with Paul, Pete and thier families. I had not been feeling good being 9 months pregnant. While the guys met the police at the house, I stayed behind and called my doctor. She said to go to the hospital. Paul drove us to the hospital. A while later we found out that the baby had died. Paul came into my room to see me and I had to tell him the news. With a strong voice (strengthened by God) I told him about our little girl. He just looked right through me and asked me if I was alright. I said yes. He asked me what he could do for me, and I said to call everyone. He asked a few more times if I was sure I would be ok. I could see his love for me in his eyes and will never forget that. ( I am blessed to know that all my brothers and sisters love me!) It speaks for the kind of man he was. Another time we were talking about God's Word...the Bible. He shared with me that he always thought that helping others meant people you didn't know or weren't in your family. Until one day God opened his eyes and shared these verses with him in Matthew 25:31-46. He told me how God showed him it was just as important to help your extended family as others. He was a help to many of us. The last thing I would like to share is a memory from just a couple of weeks ago. I was holding Paul's right hand with my right and standing right in front of him. I gripped his hand tight and remembered when we were younger and used to arm wrestle. I spoke in his ear and asked him if he wanted to arm wrestle and he burst out laughing. Then he said,"I would beat you, you know!"....then he pushed my arm back halfway and then laughed again. Such a joyous memory for me to share a few precious and personal moments with Paul that were not bothered with pain or clouded with medicine. Thank you God for such wonderful memories of a great man. I will never forget, my brother, Paul Steven Barrington

Rose Barrington03/17/2013

Everyone in Heaven was waiting with open arms for Dad, he was the strongest and most inspirational man ever. He had nothing but love and respect for everyone and we felt the same in return. We will never forget you and I can't wait for you to see your next grandson born from Heaven

Tony Laudazio03/17/2013

Paul is and always will be a great man and will be missed in our world forever. I can remember seeing him many days at Rinke when I would visit Daryl and would talk to Paul and always thought the world of him. God Bless Paul and his family. His Journey to seeing and being with the Lord to share eternal life is now.

Lisa LaRose03/17/2013

May you rest in peace , you battle ends and your new journey begins with the Lord ..

Robert Labinski03/17/2013

I met the Paul and his family in late 1970 when Paul was just 12 years old. It is a pleasure to see what a fine man he was and the love exhibited for him by others. As is said "He who receives love has given love. May all of Paul's entire family be blessed.

Lee Grinols03/17/2013

Beautiful Pete. And know he will always be with you.

Mary Black03/17/2013

My condolences to the Barrington family. It has been many years since I had seen Paul but through Facebook I feel I have been privileged to continue to know your family. May the Lord grant you peace and comfort. Your family is in our prayers.

Marcia Simpson (Molisak)03/17/2013

What a beautiful tribute to Paul. I knew the Barrington family many many years ago when I hung out with Kelly while in middle school. My hearts aches for your family, my prayers are with you.

Donna Gallimore03/17/2013

Sending my love and deepest sympathy.

Kathleen McIntyre03/18/2013

What a heartwarming tribute to your brother! My brother-in-law suffered and died from brain cancer after a 6 year fight so I know your story well. They are both in a place where God needed them to be. They will always be with us giving us love and strength

Holmes Karen03/18/2013

I just read Paul's life story and wanted to tell you how much it impacted me. We've seen first hand how hard his battle was in our journey too. He fought a long difficult battle with extraordinary strength. we know it also was hard for all of you who loved him too. Our thoughts are with all of you. Karen & Emmett (Kristine, Allison's friend's parents)

Lisa Kane03/18/2013

Sorry for your families loss... May the strength he had carry over in all of you! I never personally meet Paul but heard lots of wonderful things about him through Ashley and wish I had the chance to meet him!

Jennifer Gibson03/19/2013

What a tribute for such a wonderful man. He will be missed and never forgotten. He left such an impact on so many lives, I know I am a better person for knowing him. Well said Pete. God bless you all peace and comfort.

Peter Barrington03/19/2013

Many thanks and blessings to all who read this.I know Paul would be happy so many remembered him even from early in his life.He would ask you to come and sit with him and want to know how you are feeling today.That was his style... put others before himself.In time Paul's struggle will be in a marked against a different perspective.Eternity. And the 6 long years of suffering will grow smaller and the size of Paul's life will increase to the point where all you can remember are what good times you had together. Thank you Rosemary, for your beautiful words. Thank you Kelly for remembering how much Paul loved you cousin. Thank you Amber... I spoke with Lewis at the memorial and he talked about the impact that Paul and Royal Rangers had made in his life and now the life of your son. Thank you Mom for raising such a good son who would grow up to be a great man. Thank you Christine for being a good sister and showing Christian love your whole life. Even though you liked to tease Paul and I a little too much :) Thank you Rose for coming into the family with open arms and acceptance. You fit right in. Thank you Tony for remembering Paul and Daryl... Two lifelong friends struck by the same disease but both displaying grace and courage throughout. Two of the nicest men you will ever meet. Thank you Lisa... Paul has truly entered into the Lords rest. Thank you Bob... Fruit trees bear fruit. Paul came from a loving family and he certainly spread that love around. Thank you Aunt Lee... I know Paul is still with me. Thank you Mary ... Your prayers are felt and appreciated. Thank you Marcia... Even though it was many years ago it seems like yesterday that we were kids. Thank you and sympathy are most needed in this world. Thank you's so hard to lose somebody you love but in the end you are happy the suffering is done and the rejoicing can begin. Thank you Karen... Support from friends and family are what helps everyone get through. Thank you Lisa... Whatever Ashley told you is true about her Uncle Paul. If you met him you would have liked him. Thank you Jennifer...Paul always loved the Gibson family.

Brandi Grinols03/20/2013

I am very humbled by Paul's story. He was a good and faithful servant for Jesus and surely will be rewarded in heaven. Praying for the family and loved ones as they grieve his passing.

Karen Hampton Stinson03/21/2013

My prayers have been going up for Paul and the family since I found out, 6mos ago. Kelly has been my friend for many years. Thank you for sharing that wonderful summary of Paul's life. My heart if full right now and warm. May Peace be with you all. Love.

KAY ERWIN03/26/2013

Pete we will all miss Paul very much and will never forget him. This is a great way for you to have a remembrance of Paul, He is a part of you. Love Aunt Kay

Kelly Barrington Cezik04/22/2013

i miss u Paul.Thanks Pete for being you lu. HI Marcia

Larry Hicks06/03/2014

Denise I just came across this today, and was shocked. I was very happy to hear about the 5 boys. I just wanted to say my heart goes out to you. Larry

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